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Announcing: Alondra Cleaners in Water Soluble Pillows

When it comes to your lifestyle, health, and personal product choices, LOADS Alondra keeps you first in mind.

We understand that you want to be safe, and that you want the conveniency of cleaning products that work
Health articles fail to state that there is a HUGE difference between regular Soap and regular Detergent. 
The main difference is that regular soap is meant for the skin, whereas detergent is meant for linens and fabrics that contain thread counts in which debris, bacteria, and dirt can get stuck inside the mesh and thread counts.

Soap therefore, does not do a good job as taking out and lifting out dirt and stains, whereas detergent does. 

Therefore, it doesn't make sense to use soap for your detergent needs and for your laundry.
It is also not widely known, that using home made soap can actually do damage and harm to your laundry machine.
What happens to your laundry machine overtime with use of homemade soap instead of tried and tested laundry detergent?
For one, the homemade soap will leave BUILDUP in your laundry machine. Think about how much money you will waste when you have to buy a new laundry machine because you made the mistake of using a homemade soap for washing your clothes!

It is known by laundry experts that a detergent is essential to thoroughly cleaning out dirt and stains, and that soap just doesn't work for your laundry machine!

Unless you want to make soapmaking and cleaning clothes by hand for a living....the most sensical way and effective way of washing your clothes is by using laundry detergent. 

LOADS Alondra steps in to help you with this conundrum. 

You want to be environmentally safe, and do minimal damage to the earth. LOADS Alondra provides compostable packaging and recyclable materials only. 
You want to be safe and use healthy alternatives to be 'less toxic' and toxic free. LOADS Alondra provides safe detergents that are good enough for babies and people with sensitive skin and allergies. For example, a man had come to our office to tell us that he had tried many detergents before, but after buying our detergent, he finally found a detergent that did not cause a rash on his skin!

Alondra provides detergents that are:

Lightweight, convenient and ethically-made detergent pillows for your cleaning solutions!

High performance, high durability and high strength detergent cleaning solutions line will help you clean everything in your household or your business from your linens, towels and clothes, dishes, table tops, floors, you name it, Alondra can clean it!

Effective yet safe enough to clean entire living spaces that won't leave your home smelling like vinegar.

*Ingredients are listed in the DFA
*Fragrance-free is available


Detergent Pillows!



LOADS Fundraising
The Clear Solution For Your Next Fundraising Event

If you're looking for a fundraiser that can deliver sensible products to your supporter, look to LOADS. In these tough economic times, many people want to be supporters, but simply can't afford more than their necessities. Instead of offering cookies or candy, offer something your supporters really need. LOADS detergent is a product everyone can use, just as your organization is a cause everyone can get behind.

Fundraising does not have to be a struggle! In fact, it can be easy and effective if you have the right product. Your cause is important, the product should sell itself so that you can focus on your cause.


 Benefits Of LOADS Laundry Detergents

Green Fundraising

Clean and Good for You

Good for the Earth

Universally needed

Indefinite sales cycle

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