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LOADS helps fundraisers and causes reach their top potential with a program that benefits the fundraiser, cause and supporter. The design, formulation and production is taken place within the Chicago city limits.

Your fundraiser is guaranteed success with sensible quality detergents.


LOADS Fundraising was created out of the need for fundraisers looking for sensible products to use for their fundraising efforts. Laundry is something needed by every human being and there is a feeling of decency and reverence that comes with being clean. The parents and their children can feel relief knowing that they are providing great value to all their fundraising supporters.

ALONDRA was created out of the need for high quality detergent that is compared to leading name brands in the industry, but at a much more affordable price. Because of the formulation and the system of the company (not publicly traded, and focuses on serving every employee, not just the trader), the price of the ALONDRA products are able to be kept at a sensible price, but at the same great value as publicly traded companies.



The foundation of our product design is driven by our belief to provide solutions for the beliefs of the greater community:

•Safe, quality products.  You will have guaranteed performance and safety for user and equipment handling.

•Environmental responsibility.   You will be contributing to reducing pollution with biodegradable, compostable and recyclable components, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and increase the use of renewable raw materials.

•Community responsibility. You will help support causes and fundraisers of all kinds, as they give back to the community and have missions aligned with ours to produce authentic, tangible value for our fellow citizens and patrons.

•Sensible prices.  We understand you believe that a clean environment does not have to cost more, and your supporters benefit by gaining products that help the environment and don't hurt their wallet.


Started in 2000 under the roof of our sister company WET USA, Inc. we have evolved to better serve the community and industries you represent.

We have a well-trained team of chemical engineers, chemists, biochemists, customer service reps, sales reps and production technicians, enabling us to provide you with the top of the line product development, problem solving and technical assistance to help you improve your cause.


We consider our clients as our partners, and we support them all the way through delivery of their products. We have teamed up with some fantastic groups and you can learn more about them on our partner page.


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LOADS for fundraising helps organizations realize their goals through exploring fundraising ideas with a variety of essential household products.
LOADS employs five virtues in its daily practice: integrity, honesty, transparency, responsibility, and accountability.
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