LOADS: A New Way to Fundraise

Earn FundsIn need of funds for your school, church, team or organization? Browsing the web for a unique fundraising idea?

Join the laundry detergent movement!

LOADS fundraising is an easy fundraising idea that will fulfill all the needs you are looking for to have a successful fundraiser!

The LOADS fundraising program makes your life simpler providing easy-to-use forms and a product line that fits the needs of every household.  We offer a diverse selection of laundry detergent and fabric softener, along with our OxyHelp Stain Remover.

With this creative fundraising idea, you can reach out to more donors.  After all, EVERYONE DOES LAUNDRY!

Why sell sweets or trinkets most people don’t need, when you can sell goods that every household uses?

Introducing LOADS

Benefits to have a successful fundraiser with LOADS


  • Universally needed: LOADS is a product that is used on a regular basis in every household.
  • Indefinite Sales Cycle: Unlike seasonal promotions, LOADS is needed year round, so the sales cycle never ends.
  • Continuing Stream of Revenue: With LOADS, you receive repeat orders throughout the year, even when your fundraising event has ended.
  • Zero Competition with Stores:  LOADS is specifically designed for fundraisers, so your donors will only be able to get the product from you.

Let LOADS help you with your next fundraising event!

Hesitant about choosing LOADS for your next fundraiser?  Don’t fret, click the link to ease your minds about your fundraising concerns.

Contact us today for more information!
– Rebecca


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