How to Boost Sales for your Next Fundraiser

Boost SalesLooking for an upgrade to skyrocket your fundraising sales?

On the hunt for an easy fundraising idea that not only helps you out, but is also beneficial to the donor?

If you answered YES to any of these two questions, LOADS has the PERFECT fundraising opportunity for you!!

Although a new concept to the fundraising world, Laundry Detergent has been used in every household since the 1800’s.  Why not offer something that your donors use on a regular basis?

Wondering how Laundry Detergent can boost your fundraising sales:

  • Universally needed: Laundry Detergent is a product that is used on a regular basis in every household.  Everyone is a potential customer because everyone does laundry!
  • Indefinite Sales Cycle: Laundry Detergent is needed year round, therefore sales cycle never ends.  So no more waiting for a specific season to begin your fundraising event, like wrapping paper for the holidays or having to wait for the weather to be warmer to hold a car wash!
  • Continuing Stream of Revenue: Laundry Detergent opens new doors for your sales.  You’ll be able to receive repeat orders throughout the year, even long after your fundraising event has ended.
  • Zero Competition with Stores:  Our LOADS line is specifically designed for fundraisers, so you will feel confident your donors will only be able to reorder from you.


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