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16 Undeniable Signs you’re A PTO Mom

Every PTO mom has one thing in common: They put their child first to provide them with the best education as possible.  All mothers love & nurture their children, but PTO moms are the superwomen who can juggle everything all at once without breaking a sweat.  They dedicate time and commitment to contribute the best way possible for their child’s school.  PTO moms are the soccer moms that rule the Parent-Teacher Organization at school.

Here are 16 undeniable signs you are a PTO MOM:

1.       Your schedule is packed tight. Your calendar is always full and you have to always pencil in your lunch date with friends or family.

2.       You have the president of the PTO or the vice principal’s phone number on speed dial.

3.       Your car is always filled with posters and supplies for events and smells of pizza and other goodies.

4.       You’re the queen of multi-tasking. You can simultaneously juggle multiple things at once.

5.       You somehow get everything done and still manage to keep an organized and well-kept home.

6.       You have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership not because you have a big family, but you often buy in bulk for school events and fundraisers.

7.       You are registered with PTO Today and receive endless magazines about tips on how to have a successful fundraiser.

8.   Your meetings are not some boring organization, in fact, you and the other parents get along so well, you know each others likes and dislikes.

9.   The struggle to find decent volunteer to participate in PTO events is an arduous task; and you often find yourself with other members agreeingly complaining about it.

10.   You are satisfied with what works, but are always in search of something better, so you attend the PTO trade show every year.

11.   You are the super mom that seems to never run low on energy and always makes time for anything.

12.   You play an active role in your child’s education.  You make sure your child gets their assignments done before bed, you’re on top of their time management skills on project deadlines, and you encourage them to partake in after-school activities.

13.  Being apart of your child’s education, strengthens the bond between you and your child.

14.   You’re tired of promoting cavities and obesity by selling chocolate and cookies every year for your fundraiser.

15.   You are a social butterfly, and can easily make friends wherever you go.

16.   You find it funny when your child is weirded out that you’re good friends with his/her teacher.

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