Are you ready for the 2015-2016 school year?

It’s that time of year again.  Families are hustling & bustling, squeezing every last second of freedom to get some family fun time in before it’s too late. The days of homework, pop quizzes, essays, and exams are fast approaching.  Relaxing summer days are beginning to slow.  The season of upgrading your look for a good 1st day of school impression is underway.  From back-to-school clothes, shoes, backpacks, and a new haircut; all the kids, teachers, even parents want a fresh new look.

Every new school year is the same, we all have our individual hopes and dreams for what we want this new year to be like.  Like creating a new year’s resolution, everyone wishes to achieve a specific goal during the upcoming school year.

Parents – I want to participate more in my child’s school. I want to show my child how much education matters.  How do I support the school at which my child attends?
Teachers – I want to be more involved within the school and help my students grow by giving them more opportunities to learn.  I want to be their teacher, mentor, and guidance. How do I become more active in their lives?
Organization – We want this organization to accept all who want to contribute to the school and value the educational needs our children need throughout the school year.  We want to offer funds for educational purposes, fun events for social interactions and for student, teachers, and parents to form life-long friendships. We, as an organization, want to make a difference in our children’s lives. We value giving back to the school and everyone in it.

Be the voice.  Be an influence.  Be different.  Be the change the school, the teachers, the students need to move forward, to progress, to improve.

Members of the PTO, we support you. LOADS values you as a huge part within a child’s education.  As a small business, we understand the efforts to help make the school a better learning experience for your child. And with that, the need to raise funds to make all that planning worth it!  With our LOADS BACK-to-SCHOOL Special, we hope to help turn your efforts into a reality!

Place a fundraising order
between now and October 1
and receive 10% off!


(Limited order of 2 pallets to apply.
Excludes tax and shipping. Expires October 1)
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