What is most important when you buy products?

In order for importance from most to least, what is the most important feature of a product or method of manufacturing that is most important to you, when you determine what product to buy?

What makes you buy a product over the other?

1. American made. The entire process of designing (the designers), the manufacturing, the packaging, and the business aspects, are all completely done on American soil, not hiring any offshore entities or workers that do not live on American soil nor pay American taxes.

2. Sustainability. Everything about the product, from the workers that created it, to the packaging, to the product itself, all live according to nature’s laws, reducing their footprint and impact on the earth, and giving back to the earth from the creation, to maintenance, to the dissolution parts of the cycle of the 5 elements of the earth.

3. Economically Affordable. The product has been carefully designed and thought-out, so that as little overhead and extra work is needed, intelligently lowering the end pricing of the product itself, providing affordable solutions to everyone while still providing quality, effective products.

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