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Wash your Back-to-School clothes before you wear them! Prevent Rash and Disease

Those back-to-school clothes that you and your children are all excited to show off may look bright, freshly picked and inviting to the touch, but the clothes you just bought carry many skin-irritants.

Some common skin-irritants are: crab lice, infectious disease, scabies, fungus, flora and other germs.

Furthermore, regardless of the fiber, whether it be synthetic or natural, the weaves of the threads carry germs that have been picked up in the process from manufacturing, to sewing, to shipping and handling. Various irritants have been added to the fabric themselves to prevent fungi from breeding such as formaldehyde resins as well as certain clothing dyes.

These irritants are for preventative and protective measure of the clothing, so there is not much we can do about that as we want to prevent fungi from forming!

The best solution is to simply wash your clothes once or twice before you wear them the first time to wash out any excess dye or skin irritant with a hypoallergenic detergent. No need to wash out tough stains, but rather to purify the fabric.


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