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Are you ready for the 2015-2016 school year?

It’s that time of year again.  Families are hustling & bustling, squeezing every last second of freedom to get some family fun time in before it’s too late. The days of homework, pop quizzes, essays, and exams are fast approaching.  Relaxing summer days are beginning to slow.  The season of upgrading your look for a good 1st day of school impression is underway.  From back-to-school clothes, shoes, backpacks, and a new haircut; all the kids, teachers, even parents want a fresh new look. Continue reading

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16 Undeniable Signs you’re A PTO Mom

Every PTO mom has one thing in common: They put their child first to provide them with the best education as possible.  All mothers love & nurture their children, but PTO moms are the superwomen who can juggle everything all at once without breaking a sweat.  They dedicate time and commitment to contribute the best way possible for their child’s school.  PTO moms are the soccer moms that rule the Parent-Teacher Organization at school.

Here are 16 undeniable signs you are a PTO MOM: Continue reading

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